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We are a group of current and former Spanish teachers at Reading Memorial High School in Reading, Massachusetts in the United States and we are looking to integrate the Spanish television show El Internado: Laguna Negra into our Junior and Senior Spanish classes. We have created this wiki to allow Spanish teachers to collaborate on building a curriculum for the show. If we all work together, we will create better learning opportunities for our students and make our own lives more efficient. Along with teachers at Framingham High School, we have created a curriculum around seasons 1 and 2. Nonetheless, we are constantly looking to build the curriculum and supplement our plans with additional meaningful activities for our students.

If you choose to participate, please just follow our organization pattern. We will label the pages by the episode. "Episode 1.1" will represent "Season 1 Episode 1", "Episode 1.2" will represent "Season 1 episode 2", etc. as seen on the left side of this page. Inside each page, you will find three sections labed "First half", "Second half" and "Full episode." Due to the current class schedule that at our high school, we can only show half of an episode each class. We will upload activities for each half. If you prepare lessons for half of an episode as well, please add those activities under either the "First half" or "Second half" labels. If you prefer to create activities that reflect the whole lesson, please upload your activities to "Full Episode."

We encourage teachers/students to upload the vocabulary lists, activities, character descriptions, projects, etc. that they create for their classes. All materials here will be created by the users and intended for educational purposes. Please heed fair use policies as you add items to our wiki. Feel free to use anything that we post here. We look forward to working together to help each other learn and teach better. If you decide to contribute, feel free to add a picture and let us know who you are!



RMHS Foreign Language teachers (2010-2011)
Giulio Binaghi, Michael Springer, Meaghan McSherry and Joanne Alvarez


If you have questions about this wiki, please contact Mr. Springer. You can reach him by messaging him through the wiki or on Twitter @profespringer.--

*Images from http://www.formulatv.com/fotos/ou3xe9cn6pft2oektn4b80780ec4948/ and http://www.ojotele.com/images/2008/08/el_internado.jpg.

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